Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Hi again!

Ahhh yes, it is indeed good to be back. For the few of you wondering where I have been, well to be completely honest…right here. I just have nothing to say, and I pretty much still feel like I have nothing to say…but I figured why not try and write about something anyhow...u know kind of like pick up a basketball again and shoot around.

So here are a couple of my allegorical shots…

I am finally starting to figure out the importance of what people mean by a big idea…too many creatives have been bred under the treacherous umbrella of the ‘TL’ days and are nurtured to think as such…So the conception of anything has to do with a tv spot…then from there onwards it is watered off into print, radio and other bastardized mediums…

I don’t really blame them, it’s kinda like that cartoonist who is always producing content to populate 3 boxes and now all of a sudden they guys has got 4 triangles, 6 circles and an octagon along with his 3 boxes. It’s goanna be tough as shit to alter your storytelling habit…irrespective these new elements are there so figure out how to use them or someone else will…

The better creative’s are distancing themselves from the three boxes, they understand that certain spaces allocated are better suited for certain content and most importantly when you look at all the space as one, it makes sense and is not a mere replication of the same cartoon in the different spaces…I think that would be labeled ‘integration’.

You browse the internet
You watch TV
You read a newspaper
You see a billboard
You engage with these medium in differing manners because they are different and yet we still create exactly the same content for all of them, shove tv in magazine, tv in radio and tv on the web…

Ok, I’m going to put the ball down now.


Anonymous Incognito said...

Welcome back X.

It's about damn time! Not bad at all for someone who's just shooting around. I love the comic strip analogy.

9:57 AM  
Blogger Fertilise your mind. said...

Welcome back.

6:30 PM  
Blogger Fertilise your mind. said...

Welcome back.

6:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're lucky. I nearly started my own blog for Dubai that would've rinsed yours and I don't even live in Dubai...thought I'd give you a second chance though.

Now, if you don't call me and explain your radar-falling off I'll be very angry


9:23 PM  

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