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So the first Telecom Advertising blog kicks off...What better place to do it from then the Middle East and what better person to do it than Leo Burnett’s' Fadi Khater (aka Hat Sauce). With 5 years telco ad experience, 3 launches, a passion for...'hardware' and a seriously cynical outlook on life…his blog should make for an interesting read.

Here is a tidbit of his latest post on what it would be like to have coffee with Robocop.

A conversation with Robocop

Fadi Khater (

Tone of Voice: “Our brand needs to sound human, and our copy should read as if you are having a conversation with someone over coffee”

Brand Values: Approachable, Honest, Humble, and Friendly.

If your dreaded brand guideline booklet does not have any resemblance to the above, I’m sure you have come across many brands that do. As trivial as it may sound it is the sole yet high rising and mighty pillar that holds up marketing managers’ false sense of hope. Everyone wants to have an approachable brand that is friendly and human-like; but is setting strict communication guidelines and adhering to preset values the best way to do it? Do you actually set guidelines, values, and conversation parameters before you go out to have coffee with your friends? Imagine that, human beings with tone of voice guidelines…I believe the closest we can get to imagining that would be a cup of coffee with Robocop.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Surely telecom advertising/marketing must be up there with the most boring sectors to work in - along with b2b engine oil, insurance and staplers. But good on ye, I couldn't do it

7:36 PM  
Blogger Incognito said...

Telecom advertising is boring? I can understand that statement if it related to the UAE only, but have you not seen any of Orange's campaigns? Vodafone's 'Mayfly'? Boost?

You're talking about an industry that is all about bringing people closer together and something as vast and open to interpretation as 'communication'...on top of that it's an industry that's able to pay big bucks for big ideas...

telecom advertising is everything but boring. Put aside all the day to day work and tactical stuff - I would love to work on a telecoms brand.

4:48 PM  

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