Tuesday, January 30, 2007


To quote Campaign magazine 'Pro-bono' ads are, as their Latin label suggests, meant to be 'for good'.
I bet a certain young lady that her agency would enter one of the above pro bono campaigns into award ceremonies. She, at the time, adamantly insisted that there was no way...

Our conversation below:

ME: U owe me money... page X campaign, happens to have a pro bono ad I bet you you'd enter...
HER: and why wouldn't I...It got shortlisted!
ME: yes, thank u, i figured that out...u seem to have missed the point.
HER: Scores will be settled on the 12th of Feb...

Then it gets a little personal...

hmmm, awards, awards, awards....

Just to clarify, I think entering both of the above campaigns destroys the idea of 'pro-bono' but hey as she so eloquently put 'it got shortlisted'

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Diablog Cafes Ad of the Year

Diablog Cafes ad of the year here. One of the best pieces of communication we've seen this year.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Is Blogging Killing Planning

Great post from adliterate on the idea that blogging is killing planning, check it out here.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

The Good Samaritans of Pro-Bono PART 2

A couple of weeks ago we were blogging on the moral dilemma of submitting pro bono work to award ceremonies. Campaign have done quite a nice job in this weeks issue covering the topic, so make sure you have a run through the piece.

Thursday, January 18, 2007


Greg gave us a ring today and begged us to post these on the blog, after a 30min squabble, the promise of an open tab at the Radisson rooftop, a naked run through Media City, his left thumb ring and an interview we accepted...hesitantly

Have a look at the 2 Brayian Web Films HERE and HERE

Keep em coming Greg.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Guest Rant-Doner Detroit Planner, Tamer Kattan

"Hunt like an Indian NOT a cowboy"

Most marketers hunt like cowboys. Focusing on the weapons. What kind of rifle are you using? Which media is hot? The focus is on the tool.
Smash a few great drives on the golf course and you'll see the same type of corporate thinking.
Some guy with the ugliest swing in the world will ask you what kind of driver you're using - and inevitably buy one. But his horrible swing (execution) will be the same and the desired outcome will never be achieved.
The focus was on the tool - rather than the knowledge.

Tribes take it back to the Indian way of hunting: Where does my target eat, sleep, hunt, mate, etc etc etc...Tribes put the focus back on the target.
And with much less
expensive weapons - they were the ones who helped feed our starving Pilgrim forefathers.
Living in a very exciting era, where new technology is popping up everywhere, most marketers easily get distracted by the shine of the next new gadget or medium - rather than which is the next medium that will change the way my target will mate, sleep, eat, bond, love, etc etc etc...

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

P&G Encourage Stage Diving!

P&G's CEO or Head Proctoid A.G. Lafley urges companies to 'let go' or risk losing touch.
So the time has come when even the most pedantically obsessive compulsive research infested corporation is going to make the metaphorical stage dive...hmm is the stage goanna become redundant?

A.G. Lafley quotes always come in handy with conservative clients, more so a quote like this.

Monday, January 08, 2007

The Good Samaritans of Pro-Bono

Jack and Harry both do one great deed each, something that really made a difference in someone's life. This deed was not requested of them, but they did it anyway and it genuinely did help someone. Now, Jack never tells anyone of his deed, keeps it to himself and takes his good deed to the grave with him not feeling the need to dispense his actions. Harry on the other hand goes straight to every major publisher in the area.

So the question is - should we submit entries into pro-bono award categories?