Monday, October 30, 2006

The little things make the great cities

Apologies for giving you guys nothing to rant on about for a while (Farrukh & Incognito my sincerest goes to you), truth is I am out of the country. For the last week I’ve been in one of those cities that is filled with charm, you know the little things. A café here and there, an engraved quote over a dirty public toilet, the restaurant with a story behind it, the witty kid who wants your money, the locals who are oh so similair yet heaps apart…you get the idea. Seeing and experiencing all these things over again made me spark up a discussion with a friend of mine. ‘You have 10 years and a green light on all your decisions, how would you inject the little things into Dubai’. We rambled on a bit about how the people make a city, then how the city makes the people, we spoke about history and time both concepts that can’t be forced, we spotted an old man on the streets and reflected on how young everyone in Dubai is…then after a good hour we were still left confused…So ladies and gentleman…your thoughts?

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

It's goanna change your life forever!

Sitting in a meeting yesterday listening to a client say the same thing using the same words most clients use, I began to wonder to myself how utterly ungrounded we are in this industry. We really do over estimate the size of our roles in peoples lives. Hearing words like 'talk of the town' and 'win their hearts', you have to sit back and wonder to yourself 'have I ever talked or felt that way about a brand in my time on this earth?'. We read books like brand sense by martin Lindstrom who goes on to draw parallels from branding to religion. Almost every agency preaches its end benefit in unoriginal ways by using terms like 'Love' , 'Belief', 'Loyalty Beyond Reason'.
If we do indeed use such words in our daily interaction, taking a step back every now and then and gaining some perspective on the context might be a wise idea.

I believe it was John Grant who summed it up quite eloquently to a client once 'Mate its a f***ing biscuit'

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Interview with Brenda Kassir in Campaign

Our sources have just informed us that Saatchi strategist Brenda Kassir interviews with Campaign in the week after next. So be sure to check it out.

Thanks Richard!

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Coffee with Memac Ogilvy's Sam Moutran; What it's like being the Bosses Son.

D: Now you have two relationships with Eddie Moutran, one as your dad and the second as the boss of the agency you work at, Memac Ogilvy. Now many would say working at your dad’s agency is a walk in the park but we know personally it isn't the case for you. Could you tell us a little bit about the difficulties?

S: There are several ‘issues’. The one I found hardest to wrap my head around was the idea that most people think – he is only here because Daddy is the boss. The truth of the matter is that my brothers and I had to work twice as hard to earn genuine respect from our colleagues. But, I guess when you do it is all that more rewarding.

I even found there were higher expectations from clients – when they found out. As if all of a sudden I can move mountains within the agency. Without quoting any of them it was along the lines of “look, if it isn’t going to happen why don’t you call your father and make it happen…”

The other difficulty I would say would be filling people’s shoes. I mean, my father has obviously worked so hard for so many years to build the reputation he has, and people almost expect you to automatically walk in on that level. Then there are the shoes of my two elder brothers. These guys are stars in the making, if not already. And even though people claim not to compare us to each other – there is always added pressure to ensure I live up to the standards they have set before me.

D: How limiting is it to be who you are? I mean would any other agency in the region hire you?

S: No. Well, as far as I am aware it would be a conflict of interests. However, to be honest I don’t see myself working anywhere else; I am far too passionate about the agency I am already working for. I have been Ogilvy my whole life, why would I change.

D: So a key motivator for employees is making it to the top, how do the employees at Memac Ogilvy feel when they know that the agency’s boss has 3 sons working in the very same agency?

S: It was made clear to us from day 1 that only the best will do. If we are not good enough to be promoted, then we won’t be. At the end of the day this is a business, and like any business man, Eddie Moutran expects the best from all his employees: neither him, nor we, are naïve enough to want to let the business be run by people who are not capable. Having said that, I think we are managing to keep up with the other stars around us, and maybe shine ourselves from time to time. So in answer to your question, I don’t think it is an issue for any of my colleagues.

D: Ok ok, enough about the negatives, lets talk about the positives a little. Come on Sam, despite all the s**t you put up with, being the bosses son must be pretty cool!

S: Answer: The truth – I am more fortunate than anyone can imagine. I get to have a casual chat, over a Sunday lunch, with a man who helped build the industry in this region, what better advice can a young professional dream of. Regardless of the inevitably hectic schedule he has, he always manages to give us a helping hand when we need it. And believe me there is no client, or situation or problem the likes of which he hasn’t seen before, and managed to handle. So yeah there are benefits on top of the ones mentioned, but when you compare them to some of the ‘issues’ mentioned, and some of the ones not – they pretty much weigh each other out.

D: Sam it was a pleasure, good luck to you at Memac Ogilvy!

Campaign for real beauty, distortion.

Pretty powerful work on the campaign for real beauty. Have a look here.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

'What's your all time best music video?'

A couple of days ago we were having a conversation about all time best music videos, didn't take me a second to think up one of my favorites. An actual house track that gets me emotional... rare find.
A little old but still a great love song and love story, watch it here.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

A tribute to one of the greatest copy writers that lived

Neil French maybe have said some things recently that upset a couple of women but fact remains he will remain one of the greatest writers to have graced the industry. Check out all his work right here.

The power of the doodle...