Monday, September 17, 2007


So my childhood friend/flatmate and work colleague Dimitri launched his blog last night...I'm not quite sure how to describe it other than its 'bits and pieces' of anything and everything he finds on the web, being the internet whore he is...Anyhow, i love it...but the again I am biased so have a read below at one of his first posts elaborating ever so articulately on what his blogs about...

About Bits & Pieces by Bits & Pieces...

Internet Whore

I am an Internet whore. Plain and simple. Give me a computer and a high speed connection and I can go for days.

However, for the last 6 months I have essentially been celibate due to lack of connectivity at my house. Even though I am online all day at the office its not really the same thing.... I am now on the verge of being reconnected to the huge whore house of the web and in celebration I am starting a blog that knowing me, will be defunct in 2 weeks, but I will give it my best.

I will be posting links to some of the things on the web that I think are worth a read, look, dollar, comment or any type of reaction.

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