Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The Existential...

In the ever changing world, where the 30 seconds we once lived for has a brain tumor the size of a tennis ball. Where agency networks are facing equally as intense competition as the brands they are assigned to promote. Where agency's have realized that they don't in fact have a monopoly on ideas and that malarkey about ideas coming from anywhere actually turned out to be true...Agency's have every right to feel insecure about their identity and purpose in life...

We are (or want to be)

Ideas people...
Campaign Managers
Client Servicing
Account Handlers
Business Consultants
Communication professionals
Brand Guardians
Brand Analysts
Communication Consultants
Brand Stewards

We create (or believe in)

Ideas that inspire
Breakthrough Ideas
Ideas that act as a catalyst for building Businesses
Creative Business Ideas
Ideas for life
Great brand ideas
Disruptive Ideas
Fortune Changing Ideas
Ideas & Ideas

How brilliant we are at rebranding others and how truly sh*it we are at rebranding and repositioning ourselves...

someone call a planner...


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