Thursday, March 30, 2006

A tribute to the entertainer...

All agencies have one... all agency juniors have been traumatized by one... all agency management sees the need to defend one, all agency colleagues dread working with one...

The 'Agency As*hole' is perhaps as integral to any agency as the common telephone. An agency without an As*hole can automatically be spotted by the empty smile on a juniors face during a night out when he boasts that"Evweyone at work is weal nice".

Yes the Agency As&hole is a source of laughs, tears, agency stories, even social education but most importantly entertainment.

Now seriously pondor how boring your agency would be if you were surrounded by Happy Harrys and Smily Susans. Not that I am suggesting that both Harry and Susan don't add value to the agency... just not as much entertainment as your Agency As*hole.

So the next time you see your local Agency As*hole in the corridor, thank him for being such an a*shole and making your life that much more interesting.

This post is a tribute to all Agency As*holes around the world without which no agency would be complete...thanks guys...thanks.


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