Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Article: 'This is the latest campaign from Axe, which seems targetted at the 'typical' young adult male who amongst others watches MTV and plays videogames. The name of the campaign: 'GameKillers'.
I saw an interesting 'roll-over' banner on a game website and it took me to the GameKillers site, which is self-contained but also mentions the MTV Overdrive site, so I went there as well.
I find the approach interesting: the characters they created, the one-hour 'dating special' show they ran on MTV featuring all those characters and stories, the name of the campaign and how they treated the situations like 'games', the 'how to keep your cool' tips that change depending on the character you are having to deal with, linking the characters to myspace.com, the interactive aspects such as watching the show again on MTV's website or the self-contained GameKillers site, the pleasant navigation of the sites (given this campaign heavy emphasis on online, itself the consequence of this campaign's target audience), and obviously the humor and insights that relate to the benefit of the product.
Also, how they extra-miled this campaign with desktop background, ring tones, printouts, allowing you to send obituaries to your friends, and even having a spokesperson tour campuses in the US to give conferences about 'how to sharpen your game'…
This is a great example of taking a campaign to the next level with a not-so-gargantuan media budget.
Here are the sites, you should at least check out the films: http://www.gamekillers.com/ http://www.mtv.com/onair/dyn/gamekillers/series.jhtml '


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