Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Brenda's Secret Revealed!

Going through the comments on Diablog...i stumbled across a comment by Fertilise your mind AKA Brenda Kassir (Saatchi's senior strategist), turns out Brenda's got a blog she's been hiding from us since May (SINCE MAY BRENDA!!) Below is an extract I loved ( thus stole) off her blog that I think really personifies the creative process...
Now that the news is out, we all look forward to Brenda updating her blog Sensitive Mind more often...

"When I do a design project, I begin by listening carefully to you as you talk about your problem and read whatever background material I can find that relates to the issues you face. If you’re lucky, I have also accidentally acquired some firsthand experience with your situation. Somewhere along the way an idea for the design pops into my head from out of the blue. I can’t really explain that part; it’s like magic. Sometimes it even happens before you have a chance to tell me that much about your problem! Now, if it’s a good idea, I try to figure out some strategic justification for the solution so I can explain it to you without relying on good taste you may or may not have. Along the way, I may add some other ideas, either because you made me agree to do so at the outset, or because I’m not sure of the first idea. At any rate, in the earlier phases hopefully I will have gained your trust so that by this point you’re inclined to take my advice. I don’t have any clue how you’d go about proving that my advice is any good except that other people — at least the ones I’ve told you about — have taken my advice in the past and prospered. In other words, could you just sort of, you me?"

From Sensitive Mind (Linked on the right, Brenda's Blog)


Anonymous ISH said...

tsu tsu tsu May?!

12:41 PM  
Anonymous Spoon said...

This is a great post Brenda, I look forward to more on your blog.

1:59 PM  

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