Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Lets talk about the box for a sec...

The industry clichés, a sign that times a changing but people ain’t…here are my favourite 7

1 “I hope this email finds you well…”.
Yes ‘cause ‘this email’ is attached to a pigeons neck that might p*ss off to a land far far away taking ‘this email’ with it.

2 “Wet the consumer’s appetite…”
You can pretty much be certain that the person who just uttered that sentence is probably going to contribute to your campaign being as noticeable as a fart in a jaccuzzi.

3 “Yeah hi, I just wanted to touch base on…”
Clearly a client with a lot on his plate

4 “Further to our telecommunication…”
A person caught using this should be taken out back and shot.

5 “We need to make it aspirational…”
Genius…pure genius.

6 "I'm just saying anything"
The ultimate dignity protector i.e If you think my idea is good then I'm saying something if not then remember that I was just saying "anything"

7 “Think outside the box”
Yes clearly by uttering that original and unusual proverb you have already thrown the box away…

Many thanks to S' for this posts inspiration.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Find herein.

10:53 AM  
Anonymous Ish' said...

"We want something fresh!" is quite the common one

9:04 AM  
Anonymous farrukh: copywriter and journalist said...

Nice blog mate.

And thanks for linking my advertising and marketing blog

Here are a few phrase that make me feel like throwing my coffe mug at the speaker:

"Can we have three options for everything?"

"You want a brief for that?"

"The client made us do it."

3:34 PM  
Blogger X said...

Farrukh! Big fan of your site!Loved the IAA cover you did by the way...
What brought you to this site?

6:22 PM  
Anonymous GB said...

"Make the logo bigger"
"Give us a creative route and a corporate one"
"Make it simple but creative"

11:58 PM  
Anonymous S' said...

In light of your recent feedback

1:53 PM  

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