Sunday, May 28, 2006

Old School Ad men and new media...

I was reading through a friend of mines blog and he made a really valid point, more applicable to our region than his (London). Most agency’s are led by what some may dub the traditional ad men, the older generation. These are the guys who might have their name behind the receptionist neatly adjacent to some other dead blokes. These are the guys that understand why the line was divided between the A&L and B&L. These are the guys that use outdated jargon like USP and TVC. They are the old school ad men.

They are the brilliant men of middle and top management that started and now head all large networks in the region, true industry pioneers. But, despite the innumerable stacks of respect I have for them truth be told, they just don’t get new media. Haven’t a clue about anything mildly related to digital, blogs SMS, virals and anything that is not printed or not on TV.

So I wondering, in the next ten years digital will become arguably one of the most important mediums. As the next generation of middle and upper management, are we preparing ourselves for the change in times? Can most account executives articulate the basics on the depth of online branding? Can the director utter more than “yeah we should do some online” to the question, “what about the web?” If the management fountain of wisdom hasn’t a clue, where oh where do we drink to survive and better yet prepare for a tech frenzied future? Anyone who’s serious about this industry best have on their web Favorites.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Deep branding on the internet Marc Braunstein, Edward H. Levine

12:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

have a look at the quality of digital advertising in the region. Even the ‘specialists’ haven’t got a hint at what’s going on.

3:06 PM  
Anonymous Ish said...

Campaign awards anyone?

4:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I;m not sure I agree too much with campaign on that one...more of an attempt to make a point than an objective rating.

10:57 AM  
Blogger AD MAD said...

Digital is going through the same evolution we have seen every where else in the world....packed with the same old bull........

But first let's check out the saddle bag of excuses....first we have bad sites because of bandwiths and all that bollocks

.......then we have bad sites because clients forgot to allocate budget

.....then we have bad sites because there are no substantiating figures to support investment like print (BAAAHHH!!!!)

.....then we have a lack of initiative

......then we have to many IT people we have to talk to

......then we have large agencies who can't make enough money out of this medium

......then we have culture

......then we have mac vs PC

......then we have old vs young

......then we have experience vs function

......then we have judging a website

.....oh dear its not something that delivers 1 message to an IQ range of 0 to 10 like a print ad, this engages someone on so many levels and can have so many highs and so many lows to its experience how can we expect the industry to give this genre it's 30 second attention span.....??????

My advise is consider that you only have one website - which is likely - every single person will judge that site.......then consider the chance that your print creative will be good enough, your media will be right, a person will purchase the magazine and spend time looking at your ad and will judge you as a brand and a company for that ad as a consequence when they are actually concerned with another topic they are intent on reading in this magazine, then ask yourself why you spend 10000000 times more on print - something which has so little consequence on the total reflection of you brand?


Easyjet - launched a website, no call centre no advertising - a quick PR blitz and call to action to the website to book it, pack your bags and jump on a plane....they went from nothing to market leader in no time - becuase they simply got the most important touch point in a modern consumers life absolutely right...and you couldn't book any other way!!!

FMCG ...that's a different story to the service industries ....and so on and on and on.........

11:10 AM  

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